What Makes East Aurora Feel So Cozy?

July 20, 2020
Written by
Don Vidler
Knox Farm

East Aurora is a hidden gem of Western New York. With a population of 6,236, you may be wondering why you would make big moves to this small town. The answer is easy: this quaint, one-of-a-kind town offers a quirky charm that simply can’t be found in other cities. This pocket of New York State is full of artists, history, and other creative types. The cultural experience of this cozy town is invaluable. Because of this, your visit will likely coincide with a music festival or craft fair. This penchant for the arts also provides the framework for the town itself. East Aurora is saturated with mom-and-pop shops, making for an old-fashioned shopping experience that you won’t forget. Locals can’t say enough good things around their treasured hometown and visitors are likely to book another trip. Here are three of the many reasons why East Aurora is the epitome of small-town America - and then some, of course. 

Three Reasons Why East Aurora is Just Too Dang Cute 


East Aurora is an inviting tourist town that is built perfectly to stroll through. A surprising amount of residents have grown up there as well and highly value the family-oriented nature of their community. Safety is a non-issue here; this mini-metropolis is designed to cater to your little ones. At Vidler’s, we understand the importance of family and exposing kids to new and fun experiences. With over 75,000 items in the store and an epic candy bar, all ages are welcome to have a field day at our shop. 


East Aurora’s main event is roaming through Main Street - or as the locals say, “wherever the road takes you.” This town was made for walkability and it is so easy to explore all of its sights on foot. Vidler’s is an integral facet of East Aurora’s charm, attracting tons of visitors each year. The town as a whole prides itself on the friendliness of their very social community. As you wander through this picturesque setting, you’ll be sure to strike up a conversation or two with its jovial locals. Vidler’s leads by example and fosters a welcoming atmosphere of East Aurora that will make you feel like you fit right in. 


When in East Aurora, you won’t find your typical chain restaurants. The town appreciates its talented chefs and business owners by offering a wide variety of delicious eateries, all bringing something a little different to the table. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite mid-shopping, a great date spot, or a celebratory dinner, there are all kinds of options within walking distance. In our opinion, dining out in East Aurora is one of the best ways to savor the local flavor. Come for the experience of Vidler’s, stay for the surprisingly delightful ambiance. 

After growing up in what is known as East Aurora’s classic hometown emporium, the third generation of the Vidler family now runs the store. Vidler’s likes a good tradition and makes a point to carry on the corny yet endearing commercials that their community has grown to know and love. Our warm personalities, quirky sense of humor, and passion for play-and-discovery are what really make our shop cozy and welcoming. We like to think that all of these qualities are reflected in the culture of East Aurora as well. 

Seeing is believing, and we encourage you to partake in “The Vidler’s Experience.” If you’re traveling to catch our buzz, why not treat yourself to a little trip? There is no place like Vidler’s hometown, and we’re willing to bet that you’ll find East Aurora to be cozy enough to call your own (even if it isn’t.)

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