5 Places To Go On A Date in East Aurora

July 11, 2023
Written by
Don Vidler
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If you’re new to the WNY area, we thought you should know that there’s a distinct difference between going on a date–and going on a date in East Aurora. There’s no denying the amazing  date-worthy places located in the greater Buffalo area, but the people of East Aurora would say that there are some special gems in their town that sets the scene for the perfect date, no matter what your particular interests may be.

We’ve gone through the trouble of highlighting a few places that we’re sure you and your date will enjoy!

42 North Brewing Company

42 north brewery interior

42 North Brewing Company is both rich in its historic roots and its many flavors of handcrafted brews. What better way to get to know someone while indulging in some of the world’s best IPAs, Pilsners, Ales and more! Plus, there’s always something going on, whether it be live entertainment, an exciting event sponsored by a local vendor, or an outdoor adventure!

The Healthy Zone Rink

healthy zone rink exterior

Pretty soon, the leaves will fall and winter will again be upon us. When that happens, take your date for some laps on the ice at the Healthy Zone Rink! Best of all, you can skate there at designated times from October to March. Just think. You & your date, both attempting to defy death on ice–together.

Knox Farm State Park

knox farm state park

Want to engage in adrenaline-friendly activities while on your date? Give Knox Farm State Park a try! This wondrous state park allows for hiking in its woods and meadows, horse riding, and skiing in the winter months. You could even take a break from your romantic trek and see some of the four-legged companions that play in the dog park, or just take in the scenic environment in its raw, natural form. Ah, the romance.

Vidler’s 5 & Dime Store

vidlers 5 and dime sign and temperaturer

While the entirety of your date shouldn’t entail cruising through all four of our connected buildings on two levels–it’s always a great place to start! Maybe you’re going to the Knox Farm State Park and need some snacks to hold you over until you’re able to enjoy a nice meal paired with a pint at 42 North Brewing Company. Or, maybe you need an extra layer before heading off to the Healthy Zone Rink. No matter what the reason, Vidler’s always has what you need!

Roycroft Campus

roycroft campus

Fun fact: The Roycroft Campus played a big role in what historians call the “Arts and Crafts Movement”, which did well to ensure quality craftsmanship lived on during the Industrial Revolution in the late 1800s. This National Historic Landmark is a great date idea, especially if both you and your date are history buffs. The Roycroft Campus is also very well known for its delicious brunches (some say the brunch is to die for), making it perfect way to feed the hunger for historic knowledge and more importantly–your appetite!

Even with all the new and wonderful things happening in the inner Buffalo area, there are several reasons people will make the drive into the beautiful, quaint town of East Aurora. We hope that these date ideas become one of your reasons very, very soon!

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