What Small Businesses Do For The Community

July 17, 2020
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Vidler’s 5 & 10 store happily resides in Western New York, where it is considered to be a prime destination spot for visitors and locals alike. First opening our doors in 1930, we have 90 years of successful operation under our belt. It’s safe to say that we’ve reached landmark status by now! 

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Our job doesn’t stop at our storefront; we are a fixture of our community, and we hold that role close to our hearts. At Vidler’s, we take so much pride in our stance as a local business and enjoy the benefits of being one. The opportunity to be a local staple is so rewarding. For years, we’ve watched businesses bloom, organizations gain momentum, and families welcome new generations. 

As Vidler’s continues to grow, we are excited about the ways in which we can enrich East Aurora in the future. Being able to support our hometown and develop close relationships with local residents is what being a small business is all about. 

We understand the responsibility of being a small business.

As is our duty, we pay all of our local, state, and federal taxes. That just comes with the territory of having a brick and mortar establishment. But for us, one of the best parts about being a small business is providing an experience that’s outside the modern-day norm. Here at Vidler's, we carry on traditions of the past that most businesses don’t. Very few 5 & 10’s still exist, but in the past they were abundant, and served as community meeting grounds. Before cell phones and social media, they were not just a place to shop; they were a place to be seen and heard. Vidler’s store carries one thing that money can’t buy: the power of human connection. 

While it may be true that you can find any product you need on the Internet or in a large corporation near you, no search engine is going to deliver the joy that a small business can bring to a town. When it comes to being a small business, we aren’t worried about the masses but rather each individual that walks through our front door. We delight in the opportunity to get to know each and every customer! 

Vidler’s has set the tone for East Aurora’s friendly climate for almost 100 years. Over that time, we’ve earned the hearts of this community by employing town members, supporting local organizations, and treating our customers like family. Therein lies the morals of a small business: focusing on giving back day to day vs. economic expansion. 

We insist on keeping it local.

Luckily, our support for our tight-knit community has been reciprocated. The age of our establishment is a testament of the relationships we’ve built and valued. Vidler’s relishes the opportunity to get to know East Aurora’s ever-evolving and colorful cast of characters. Countless East Aurora residents have donned the Vidler’s uniform over the years. Many of our employees start as high school students, and gain their first “real job” experience from Vidler’s. All of our maintenance-related tasks are fixed by local contractors and tradesmen with operating supplies bought from other local businesses. 

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Vidler’s has always kept it local. If someone comes in looking for something that we don’t have, we gladly point them in the direction of other local stores that do. We’ll admit that our selection isn’t as vast as, say, the internet; however, our employees are very knowledgeable and eager to help. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance when you visit our brick & mortar; we live for making our customers happy and want you to find what you’re looking for. Sometimes that even means pointing you in the direction of another business in the neighborhood and we’re more than happy to because we know you’ll be in good hands! 

Part of being a small business is supporting other small businesses. We recognize that these stores are squares in our community quilt, and we like to show our support of them just as they do with us. Vidler’s plays a large part in keeping the community functioning, which includes the support of residents AND businesses alike. 

Small businesses like Vidler’s help communities thrive.

We’ve made so many great memories over the years acting as a sponsor for local teams. Vidler’s is a proud sponsor of Little League Baseball and our local soccer teams. One way we love to give back is by taking out ads for our near and dear high school teams and clubs. We are also known to be a main sponsor in East Aurora’s annual Carolcade, Rotary Reunion Party, and July 4th Fireworks events! 


We love to support fun events, but we also know that being a good business and community staple means showing support in the areas that need help the most. We extend helping hands to community civic groups, nonprofits, and our local police and fire departments. We have donated 116 gift certificates for charity raffles and benefits so far and will continue to add to this number. Through sponsored ads, fundraisers, and monetary contributions to causes that are so integral to our town’s wellbeing, we’re proud to play a part in making East Aurora the tight-knit community it is today.

Vidler’s operates on a small scale, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Communities today could learn a thing or two from the past. At Vidler’s, we try to lead by example, showing that small operation and human connection are the true qualities of a lasting business. Through three generations, community expansion, and countless valuable relationships formed, we just want to say - we’re here for you.

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