How to Have a DIY Spa Day with Vidler’s!

June 14, 2022
Written by
Don Vidler
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The hustle and bustle of daily life can take its toll. Whether you’re leaving the house regularly for work, or working from home; whether you’re caring for kids, pets, or loved ones, or simply tending to your own day-to-day needs, it’s important to budget time for self-care!

Gift your hard-working self or loved one a DIY spa day to help de-stress and show just how much you care.

“Why take a Spa Day?” you ask? A day at the spa generally includes all kinds of pampering and self-care that may be just what you need to relax and rejuvenate. In fact, self-care is clinically proven to help to decrease stress levels, encourage relaxation, reduce anxiety and depression, boost energy levels, and more.

A spa day is a lavish form of self-care that can also help relieve pain, headaches, and muscle tension, increase circulation and blood flow, promote younger, smoother, more radiant-looking skin, as well as pile on heaps of self-confidence!

Taking a Spa Day is a great way to practice self-care, but can sometimes be a bit pricey. Creating a DIY spa day at home may not have all the same luxuries as a high-priced salon; however, it can offer all the same benefits!

How Do You Create a Perfect DIY Spa Day?

Giving yourself or a loved one the treat of an at-home spa can immediately encourage stress to drift away like the scent of your lit candles or the ripples in the bath you’ve drawn.

You can release all the burdens of the day and simply focus on the pleasure of the present moment. But how do you make that perfect spa feel in the comfort of your own space?

At Vidler’s, we have just what you need in our candle, bath, and body department.

1.) Set the Scene: Lights, Candles, Relaxation!

Create an environment of relaxation by changing the lighting, adding some relaxing music or spa sounds to your playlist, including some aromatherapy or pleasing scents, and making sure to bring plenty of cozy attire. You might even bring a few light snacks and your favorite glass of sparkling wine or beverage of choice to top it all off.


The flickering light of a flame has many therapeutic benefits that help promote relaxation, not to mention, it can offer just the right amount of ambiance for your spa day. At Vidlers, we offer a wide array of candles and lighting accessories to create the perfect atmosphere. Our candle selection includes scented and unscented candles, candle holders and jared candles, bees wax candles, soy tea lights, votives, tapers, and even flameless candles that flicker just like the real ones!


Aside from lighting a scented candle, you can create an air of aromatherapy in your spa room by lighting your favorite incense. Different scents are supposed to support different outcomes and we have many to choose from, so it may be helpful to set an intention while creating your zone of relaxation. Our aromatherapy selection also includes various essential oils, perfumes and linen sprays from unique brands such as Michel Designs and Inis from Ireland, potpourri, and more. 

Cozy Care:

Creating a separate room with soft, cozy items to prepare for your spa day or retreat to after can help get you in the proper headspace for relaxation. Light a candle in this room, bring a few snacks on some of our decorative serving trays, and include cozy items like a fuzzy robe, blankets, and our Warmies® heated slippers for soothing aromatic relief before or after your spa treatments. 

3.) Determine your Treatments 

As at any good spa, your DIY spa day should include a selection of “treatments” that feel most enjoyable for you or the loved one you’re treating! These may range from soothing baths, to relaxing massages, to luxurious skin care - really anything that feels relaxing and delightful. At Vidler’s we have a plethora of products to create a nice selection of spa treatments. 

Bath or Soak:

A soak of some sort is essential in any spa day routine. Perhaps a full body soak in the tub is what you’re into, or you may enjoy a more targeted bath technique like a Korean half bath or a foot soak for specific rejuvenation. Wash off the stress of the day, and let your aches and pains float away with luxurious soaps, bathbombs, bubble baths, or bath oils. Not only can a bath help to promote relaxation, but may also improve circulation and alleviate muscle pain and stiffness. 

We have a limited selection of bath bombs at Vidler’s so make sure to get yours before they run out! However, we regularly carry a lush collection of soaps, bubble baths, and body oils from brands like Camille Beckman, Inis, Michel and more.  


A Therapeutic massage not only feels great on sore or tight muscles, but can actually boost serotonin and dopamine levels. You might begin the massage treatment by using one of our soothing heat pads to relax the muscles and the mind. 

If your trying a full body massage on a significant other or loved one, take your time and make sure to use nourishing lotions or skin oils to help relax the muscles and keep skin soft and smooth. We have a great selection of unique, local and imported lotions to choose from at Vidlers. 

Even if your having a solo spa day, you can give yourself an excellent hand, foot, or leg massage with a luxurious lotion or oil to provide relief for these oft-used extremities. Or perhaps a try using a massage tool for trigger points on your back, arms, and feet. You may even include a gentle head massagers for stress relief with one of our head massagers - a store favorite here at Vidlers.

Skin Care:

Skin care treatments are a spa essential! Begin by washing off the day with our microfiber makeup remover cloths, an easy option for makeup removal. Perhaps try one of our cucumber undereye masks while you soak in the tub. Use the ionic face massager to gently exfoliate your skin and reduce wrinkles. And then follow up your soak or a hand or foot massage with our moisturizing gel socks and gloves to lock in moisture for the rest of the evening. 

3.) Relax and Enjoy

Once your DIY spa day is set, all that’s left to do is ejoy the treat. Take in the soothing sounds of your relaxing playlist, inhale slowly in enjoy the pleasing aromas, soak in the soothing warmth of your bath or heated slippers and allow yourself to be pampered. 

Your Own D.I.Y Spa Day with Vidlers

The best thing about having your spa day at home, is that it’s completely customizable to your own wishes. If there’s a specific treatment, lotion, item or aroma you want to include, it’s all open to you. The sky is the limit, and at Vidler’s we have an abundance of products to choose from to make your spa day everything you could dream of. Whether you’re a mother yourself, you want to celebrate a mother you love, or you simply need to honor the mother within, our self care staff would love nothing more than to help you treat yourself or your loved one to a relaxing oasis at home this month. Come in and see one of our associates today!

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