6 Fall Items to Make Your Home More Cozy

November 16, 2020
Written by
Don Vidler
fireless candle

Ahh, home sweet home. Given the current circumstances, there’s a good chance some of you may be ready to run away from your home rather than embrace it.

Over six months of quarantining will do that to you—and rightfully so! 

However, here at Vilder’s, we happen to like bringing the past back to the present. Each and every one of us is longing for better days, but getting your home cozy for the fall season might just serve as the perfect mood-booster you’re searching for.

Say goodbye to cheap fall decorations, and set the mood with intention and historic charm! We’ve put together a list of our top six fall items for your home, so you can get back to enjoying time in your cozy, humble abode! 

1. Nothing says cozy like... Candlelight. 

Whether you owe your significant other a romantic date night in or you just want to create the cozy, fall vibe without also creating a fire hazard, cue battery-operated candles!

With a simple on and off switch, you can create a warm-lit ambience without any waxy mess or hazardous possibilities. These fireless candles look so realistic, your guests won’t even notice they’re battery-operated. Display some decorative potpourri near your candles and smell the decadence of fall with safety in mind. 

High fall vibes, if you ask us! 🍂🕯🍃

Shop the Fireless Candle.

2. Nothing says cozy like... a new pair of socks! 

Take it way back by adding a pair of the trendy Original Rockford Red Heel socks to your loungewear wardrobe. Durable, universal, and classic—this two-pair set is the perfect touch to your work-from-home style. 

To keep the touch of Americana alive, each order includes instructions on how to make sock monkeys. Not only are these socks truly cozy, but they also can make for a fun family night experience. Bring on the giggles with a visit from the sock monkeys! 

Shop the Original Rockford Red Heel Sock. 🧦 🐒

3. Nothing says cozy like... Warm apple pie. 

Ohhh, the sweet aromas of cinnamon and apples baking in the oven on a cool, fall afternoon… 🍎🥧 Nothing quite beats that! 

If you really want to make the most delicious apple pie, you’ll need to set yourself up with the right cooking elements. (HINT, HINT: You need the Triple Action Apple Machine!)

Level up your apple slicing game by letting a machine do it perfectly for you! This old-school mechanism slices, peels, and cores apples in one simple step. 

You’ll feel like a true homemaker just by using this machinery alone. 

Just wait until you smell the pie… 

Get inspired by checking out the most popular apple pie recipe on Pinterest here! And grab your machine here. 😉 🍎

Purchase an Apple Machine. 🍎

4. Nothing says cozy like... a new hoodie! 

What do you deem as “sweater weather?” One of the best parts about the transition from summer to fall is the transition in our clothes. Bring on all the baggy, cozy attire! 

Sport the Vilder’s hoodie and you’ll basically be throwing on your favorite throw blanket—that’s how soft the inside is. Business on the outside, cozy warmth on the inside! 

Our hoodies are 50-percent cotton, 50-percent polyester, preshrunk, and machine-washable. This will serve as a fall staple in your wardrobe for the years to come. 

Shop the Vidler's Hoodie. 🤗

5. Nothing says cozy like... reppin’ your favorite team colors in fleece! 

Our great assortment of cozy winter fleece just arrived in the fabric section of our storefront! Bundle up this winter and rep the Bills or Sabres while you’re at it. 😏 We have stylish colors and designs including pink camo, royal blue, forest green, and, of course, the Buffalo plaid! 

Calling all football and hockey fans, you need one of these fleece jackets in your life (if not in every color. 😉)

Grab your own Fleece Game Gear! 🏒🏈

6. Nothing says cozy like... A fresh, hot cuppa coffee! 

Coffee is good all year-round, but it pairs ever-so-beautifully with a cooler climate. Basically, it’s just wrong to not treat yourself to a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee when the season permits. 

With that said, be bold and fuel up from the world’s strongest coffee... Death Wish. 

Well, that’s if you dare… 

There’s nothing much more to say other than this coffee is truly the strongest. Aren’t you intrigued to see for yourself? 

Grab your bag of Death Wish Coffee here.

Shop Death Wish Coffee. 

We hope this has inspired you to bring out those fall yard decorations and even some fall ornaments. We’ve clearly got you covered on finalizing the fall vibe throughout your home. 

With thousands of items to choose from, Vidler’s 5&10 is your one-stop-shop for gifts, games, and gadgets. Check out a sample of all our products online, or stop in and browse the full selection yourself! If there’s something specific you’re looking for, give us a call to see if we have it in stock! We’re always happy to assist and lead you in the right direction, (our store is pretty big) or you can place an order over the phone! 


If you’re passing by or local to the area, you’re more than welcome to come browse yourself! We are practicing social distancing and following CDC guidelines so we’ve got you covered—for Fall and for your safety!

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