5 Things You Can Still Only Get at a 5 & 10 Store

August 15, 2023
Written by
Don Vidler
Turkish Taffy

Oh, the days of five-and-dime stores, boasting soda fountains with swivel chairs and soft-serve ice cream. Isles stockpiled with every household gadget you could think of, were classic of the once busy mom-and-pop stores. Hours upon hours were spent by children playing with sets of metal jacks, yo-yos, and whatever they could get their grubby little hands on. Teenagers sipped root beer floats while flirting and swinging their poodle skirts side to side. Moms and dads shopped for everything from fly swatters to pickled beets. The fun, fanciful, and of course, functional options at local five-and-dime stores were endless!

Fortunately, these classic wonders are not just a thing of the past. Vidler’s 5&10 Variety Store, one of the largest surviving 5 & 10s in the world, is an adventure all of its own. With their original store located in western New York and many more emporiums across the midwest, Vidler’s is the ultimate 5&10 experience. And believe it or not, there are still things you can only get at a 5&10 store. Here are a few of those fun and fantastic gems…

Classic Toys

black recorder instrument

Marbles, balsa gliders, and kazoos are just a few of the dozens of classic toys you can find at  5&10 stores. At Vidler’s, you’ll see juggling balls, old-fashioned puzzles, and even a nose flute. All they ask is that you blow your nose before trying it out!

These classic toys are perfect for stocking stuffers, class parties, and just plain ole’ fun. And you never know, you might just find that long, lost toy you’ve been searching for all these years.

Tried-and-True Beauty Supplies

folded pocket comb

Remember Grandma’s pink, plastic curlers? Your local mom-and-pop store is the place to find them. Vilder’s has a variety of tried-and-true beauty supplies for guys and gals. Check out the folded pocket comb and Utterly Smooth body cream for irresistible beauty (or at least basic grooming).

Old-time Cookware

kitchenware tool

From vintage glass butter churners, to tin flour sifters, you can’t go wrong with old-time cookware and kitchen gadgets. Perfect for the cook in your family, Vidler’s has an array of household items that will take you back…way back!

Nostalgic Gifts and Gadgets

kitty tick tock klock

Feeling a bit nostalgic? Wistful? Imaginative? Take a trip down memory lane and find all sorts of nostalgic gifts and gadgets. The memorable Kitty-cat Klock, Mr. Bill figure, and Toothpick Bird are only a few nostalgic gifts offered at Vilder’s 5&10. So, shop local and check everyone off of your gift list with these nostalgic gifts and gadgets.

Retro Candy

turkish taffy retro candy

Candy cigarettes, Turkish taffy, and…wait for it…Razzles, are just a glimpse of the retro candy you’ll find at Vidler’s 5&10. Satisfy your sweet tooth, or all 32 of them, with the retro candy you grew up with. Fill up on your favorite treats and take some home for the kiddos.

No matter what memories you have, of your local five-and-dime store, you can experience it again in a new and improved way. If you’re ever in the area, please stop by Vidler’s. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the fun and fanciful adventure that awaits.

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