5 Retro Products Making a Comeback in 2017

July 11, 2023
Written by
Don Vidler
Atari gaming console

The 80s and 90s were a radical time to be alive. Rock 'n' roll topped the charts, funky clothing abounded and the hairstyles were ... well, hairstyles. But these decades had more to them than the music and the hair. A whole host of retro products made living through the 80s and 90s more than bearable. And, if you can believe it, some of these products are making a comeback.  Although these are some of the few items we do not carry in our expansive collection, we’re confident you’ll enjoy reading along as we take a short trip down memory lane.

Vinyl Records

Guy looking through vinyl records

(Not available at Vidler’s)

Compact disks overtook vinyl records decades ago, but vinyl is becoming more popular these days. People are falling back in love with the quality audio that a vinyl record provides.

This is one of those retro products that has proven its quality is truly timeless, and audiophiles are happy to see that it's making a comeback.


old school jukebox

(Not available at Vidler’s)

Some of you probably remember visiting taverns or venues that had a jukebox sitting in the corner. Many of the songs probably weren't for you, but they always added an allure to the environment.

Now they're on their way back and can once again add that tiny bit of charm to our surroundings. That said, get your dancing shoes ready. We have a feeling you're going to need them.

Comic Books 

Comic books on display

(Not available at Vidler’s)

Technically speaking, comic books never went away. They've been around for decades and don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The comic book industry did, however, fall on hard times a couple of decades ago. Things actually got so bad that Marvel, one of the world's top comic book publishers, began selling the rights to several of its titles. The company still hasn't quite recovered from that slump.

Despite past troubles with comic sales, Marvel's Cinematic Universe is currently going strong. Heroes such as Captain America, Iron Man and Thor grace the silver screen on a regular basis. We even get to see Wolverine and the Fantastic Four from time to time, although the film rights to those characters are owned by a different company.

But that's a conversation for another time.

Polaroid Cameras 

Polaroid camera

(Not available at Vidler’s)

Nothing beats the utility of digital cameras. They give us the ability to quickly share pictures with our friends and can store thousands of photos.

Of course, the convenience of a digital camera doesn't compare to the nostalgia of a Polaroid camera. Who could miss snapping a photo and having the camera print it right then and there?

Luckily we'll be able to enjoy Polaroid cameras for a few years more. New models are being developed and sold to the masses.

Atari 2600 

Atari 2600 with games

(Not available at Vidler’s)

The 80s and 90s had their fair share of games. From board games to card games, there were more than enough entertainment options to keep us occupied.

What was one of our favorite things to play?

Atari 2600.

In fairness, the Atari 2600 wasn't a game. It was a video game console that could play loads of games on your TV.

Believe it or not, the Atari 2600 has made a comeback of sorts. Now packaged as the Atari Flashback, it sells for about $80 and even has a special gold bundle for those of you want more nostalgia.

Browse Our Selection of Retro Products

Want to add more retro items to your collection? How about a few throwbacks found right here at Vidler’s!

Sock Monkey

Sock monkey

Originating during the Victorian Era, the classic Sock Monkey is still loved among all ages! Since it’s early introduction in North America, toy monkeys became a necessity in American nurseries.


Gumby and Pokey 50th anniversary edition boxing

A cultural icon and America’s favorite clay animation, the timeless bendable Gumby is perfect for vintage toy collectors.


Slinky with packaging

“What walks down stairs alone or in pairs and makes a slinkety sound? A spring a spring, a marvelous thing. Everyone knows it's Slinky!” Sometimes the greatest inventions happen by accident, and Slinky is just another example for the history books. Entertain yourself for hours as you watch this mesmerizing toy walk gracefully down any incline!    

Check out the rest of our product selection at Vidler’s. We've got everything from toys to candy, so you're sure to find something that'll make a good addition to your collection!

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