What's Red & White, Smells Like Popcorn, Makes Creaky Noises and is 88 Years Old?

August 15, 2023
Written by
Don Vidler
Vidlers Store Front

…no, nothing gross, just the world’s largest five and ten store having a celebration!

It’s an ‘off’ year, so not our full-blown, every 5th year extravaganza, but we’ll use any excuse to at least have some cake.  

We hope you’ll join us next Saturday, June 16, as we hold our 88th anniversary party. Our chance to thank East Aurora and the greater Western New York community for their continuous support since Granddad opened on June 21, 1930.  

The extremely un-official cake cutting ceremony will take place in the vicinity of 11 AM, using the ancient and ceremonial cake cutter designed by Ed Vidler himself.  There will be free cake for as long as it lasts, and we’ll hand out dimes to the kids for a bag of popcorn or to take a ride on Sandy, our mechanical horse. These machines are approaching 54 and 56 years of operation, respectively... relatively modern equipment by our standards!    

So please stop by on Saturday, June 16th, have a piece of cake and help us celebrate 88 years of history, nostalgia, great service and shopping entertainment at its finest.

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