What To Expect At Vidlers for Winter Break 2023

September 27, 2023
Written by
Don Vidler
Riding horse sandy base

Way back when, Alice Cooper sang “school’s out for the summer.” In Western New York at this time of year, we’re singing school’s out for the winter break. And if all the girls and boys found new toys in Alice’s song, why there’s no better place to bring your kids this week than our sprawling store filled with toys, games, puzzles, novelties, crafts, candy...and so much more!

For mom and dad – there are plenty of day-to-day, practical necessities, too: housewares, home décor, cooking and baking accessories, garden and birding, candles, cards, retro and novelty, and bath & body products. Though in our humble opinion, Whoopee Cushions are timeless and transcend the generations.

sandy horse ride
Sandy Horse Ride

Shopping at Vidler’s is not only entertaining, but educational for the Millennials and Gen Z, too. Sure, your teenager – even a 4-year-old child – can make a Tik-Tok video on their smartphone in less time than grandpa can say “get off my lawn”, but watch their eyes open wide with amazement when they see our vintage player piano cranking out a tune with no video screen or joy stick. You’ve never heard “Bohemian Rhapsody” until you’ve heard it on our player piano. And VR goggles not necessary to take a pony ride. ‘Sandy’ our mechanical horse still costs only a dime, but spoiler alert – it’s a long ride and she’s somewhat of a bucking bronco!

vintage player piano
Vintage Player Piano

Be forewarned – our original penny weight and fortune machine (circa 1918) still costs only one cent, and while the fortunes might be a bit dated in their answers, the scale is incredibly accurate. It’s also in a relatively visible spot, so make sure you don’t mind your kids blurting out your weight to other customers.

Penny weight

It just so happens that East Aurora’s Winterfest ’23 also takes place the week of Feb. 17 though the 25th, with lots of activities, promotions, tastings etc. taking place. So, c’mon out with the family for a winter ‘staycation’ in East Aurora, and experience shopping the way it used to be – and still is at Vidler’s!

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