We’re Hip, Just Watch Our “Sick” Music Videos

September 25, 2023
Written by
Don Vidler
Vidlers Dance Staff

Vidler’s may be one of the older surviving five-and-dime stores in America, but we’re far from stodgy. On the contrary, we’re pretty hip, cool, and exciting—or, as kids today say, “sick.”

On what do I base this claim?

Well, we’ve done a pretty good job of keeping up with the times. Just look at our social media presence—our YouTube channel, Facebook page, website and blog, and Vidler’s TV.  

There’s a reason why the words “video” and “Vidler’s” are so similar. The quirky commercials we’ve made not only for TV but also for the Internet have taken our store a long way, proving instrumental not only in promoting our beloved 5 & 10 but also in cultivating its unique charm and public persona. To quote our YouTube channel: “Our many videos -- or shall we say, "product reviews" -- will give you a humorous overview of just some of the wacky, strange, and practical merchandise we carry -- and the wacky, strange people that will sell it to you!”

You know the Vidler’s story: Long before Amazon, there was us—the original everything store. And little has changed; like many other historic variety stores, ours still has the same decor, stocks many of the same products, and looks much like it did when we opened more than 90 years ago. Walk into Vidler’s 19th century buildings and you’re walking back in time to a day when people tied on their bonnets, buttoned up their boots, and hoofed it down to the Main Street variety store.

But Vidler’s is thoroughly modern, too, a store for every generation that takes pains to speak to every generation in each one’s own language and media because we love all of ‘em.  

Have you ever seen our Vidler’s music videos? They’re in a league of their own. What league that might be, exactly, we’re not sure. But they’re worth a look, whether you grew up with MTV or MP3.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you expected a store that’s been around as long as ours to be run by a bunch of staid, old fuddy-duddies, look around you. Check out this music video we did. And this one. And this one, which we recorded to “celebrate” our 85th anniversary on East Aurora’s Main Street.

And, at Christmastime, be sure to watch this music one.

We think once you watch our “sick” music videos, you’ll understand quite well that we possess just as much “drip” as the next fellow and that we know a good “bop” when we hear one.

Ya dig?

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