Vidler’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019

December 23, 2019
Written by
Don Vidler
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If you’ve ever been to Vidler’s, you know that it’s a shopping experience that you can’t find anywhere else, especially not online. Half of the fun that comes from picking out a gift for your loved ones is due to the shopping experience! Vidler’s is filled with 75,000 items that embrace history, nostalgia, and just plain fun!

With that being said, we’re not here to offer you a generic holiday gift guide– that goes against our nature! This holiday gift guide is more of a Retro Gift Guide and what we mean by that is... get ready to read about the best retro gifts from the 50’s and 80’s!

Give the gift of nostalgia to your loved ones this holiday season! You’ll not only overwhelm them with their best childhood memories but you’ll also create loads of laughs and heavy hearts as they comprehend the amount of thought that was put into their gift this year.

Retro Gift Guide for the Holiday Season!

Read along with us and discover retro 50’s gifts all the way to retro 80’s gifts! At Vidler’s, each item comes with a historic meaning that’s just waiting to be uncovered!

Retro 50’s and Retro 80’s Gifts

  1. 35 mm Film Cells from Classic Movies
    Classic movies such as Elf, Star Wars, Gone with the Wind, and many more await at Vidler’s in the most unique way. Film cells are one-of-a-kind. This type of collectible display includes an image with real, authentic 35 mm film from your favorite movie. A gift that can never be replicated.
  1. Christmas Story “Oh Fudge” Fudge
    No better way to greet Christmas than by saying, “Ohhh, Fuhhhhh-udge!” Poor Ralphie. A light-hearted, delicious gift to bring to any Christmas party or throw in someone’s stocking! This fudge is sure to bring uncontrollable laughs and lots of “mmm’s” once opened!
  2. Eye-catching Ornaments
    You can never have too many ornaments but some can start to go unnoticed. You don’t have to worry about that happening with the ornaments you pick out at Vidler’s! Give the Christmas host one of these ornaments that’s sure to catch everyone’s attention: ​A Pickle Ornament, Vidler’s Store Ornament, Beef on Weck, or Wing and Sponge Candy Ornaments!
  1. Home Alone “Merry Christmas ya’ filthy animal’ scarf
    Get bundled up with the most festive and comical scarf of the season! The Home Alone “Merry Christmas ya’ filthy animal” scarf is the perfect gift for the “fun uncle” of the family.
  2. Gingerbread house kits
    Not as unique, but definitely still a classic. Find the most epic Gingerbread house kits at Vidler’s to make ever-lasting memories with the ones you love this holiday season!

We hope this Retro Holiday Gift Guide brings joy, laughs, and lots of love to your holiday parties! Something about a connection to the past makes us thankful for the present. This holiday gift guide is just a glimpse in Vidler’s one-of-a-kind collection of 75,000+ items! Stop in and get lost in the fun! Happy Holidays!

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