Retro Products Making a Comeback for 2020

October 19, 2022
Written by
Don Vidler
retro boom box

You know what they say... fashion trends repeat themselves. Styles and trends are simply recycled with a modern touch or sometimes, not touched at all. We’re here to believe that there are some retro products making a comeback for 2020.

How far back is retro?

What’s interesting about the term, “retro” is it’s not referring to an actual “antique” item; however, it is referring to a previous time period.

There’s no timeline on what is retro. The term simply refers to things of the past, which can be any time period- as long as it’s currently not present!

According to Wikipedia, the term “generally implies a vintage of at least fifteen or twenty years. For example, clothing from the 1980s or 1990s could be retro.” Retro is outdated yet makes a comeback as “fashionable” or “trendy” again. Retro-styled items don’t have to be old to be considered retro- they just need to be made with a past time period in mind.

Products that made a comeback

We’re here to report on the retro products that are currently making a comeback and predicted to be full-on trending in 2020. Stay in the loop and read along to start the new year calm, cool, and collected.

Retro Products:

1. Lodge cast iron-ware – griddles, pans, Dutch ovens

You know your Grandma’s cast iron skillet makes up the best home-cooked meals you’ve ever had and it’s for good reason! Cast Iron-ware is back in major business for all your slow-cooking recipes. Let’s start with the infamous griddle; the cooking device that serves up the best breakfast foods including bacon, sausage, pancakes, home fries, eggs, and french toast!

A cast-iron pan can sizzle up your steak in such a way that it feels you’re at a five-star steak house. Lastly, the good ole’ Dutch Oven is a heavy, thick pot that retains heat like a beast and can soften the thickest cuts of meat and warm ridiculous amounts of liquids. We’re talking the BEST chilli you’ll ever have- promise!

2. Cocktail shakers with drink recipes

Did you know the cocktail shaker began in the late 1870s and early 1880s? Hello, comeback! You can’t go into a home department store without seeing a variety of cocktail shakers, accompanied with drink recipe books. This surely is only going to increase in 2020- especially as the New Year celebrations get underway.

3. Glass chimneys for oil lamps, “hob-nail” glass shades

This last one is a prime example of fashion trends repeating themselves. Some might suggest that cast iron-ware and cocktail shakers will never go out of style completely and those people may be right, but glass chimneys for oil lamps was definitely a thing of the past until now. Back by popular demand, people are adding a retro-style to their interior design with hobnail lamp shades! These types of lamps provide a bumpy pattern that give texture and distinction compared to other lamps. They are known to be custom-made and unique from the next- making them highly desirable.

So, what retro item will you be reppin’ in 2020? Get your cookin’ on with some cast-iron ware or embrace the late 1800’s by crafting specialty drinks at home with your new cocktail shaker, and finally, upgrade your lamps to a unique design to go full-out retro.

Cheers to a new year! Keep it retro, my friends!

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