Pass the Pop and Potato Chips

August 25, 2022
Written by
Don Vidler
Potato chips and cola in a large glass on the table

You may want to check out our Expanding Pants and Shirt Buttons.  

It’s not that your clothes look tight. It’s just that they might.  

Midsummer is here, after all, which means it’s time for some serious—or, in our case, not-so-serious--barbecuing and picnicking. So you might at some point feel the need to loosen your clothes to keep from popping a button—especially if it’s Uncle Ron who’s running the grill and you just can’t stop eating his specially prepared, secret-recipe bratwursts.  

(Was that a button that just went whizzing past?)

Here at Vidler’s, we have what you need to make your season of outdoor noshing and general revelry a great one, whether you’re looking for fun food, baking supplies, games, candy, or toys.

How about adding our Pickle Potato Chips to your picnic menu? Or a cake made with one of our Angel Food Pans?  

Maybe you could use our Handy Aid Jar & Bottle Opener. Or our Pie Pan or Apple Machine. Or our kids’ Snack and Play Tray.  

Or candy. No fun meal is complete without something from our wide selection of confections. We Movie-Size Bottle Caps and Razzles. Satellite Wafers and Turkish Taffy. Vanilla Cow Tales and Crystal Beach Gourmet Suckers.

You need a game or two, as well. How about You Gotta Know Buffalo Sports Trivia? Or Pass the Pigs? There’s nothing that brings people together like sharing a wonderful meal and playing backyard games. It’s a chance to make memories.  

Hold a family reunion holiday. Invite your cousins, uncles, aunts, siblings, and other essential members of your circle to a backyard barbecue

Or just have a low-key picnic with family and friends at your local park.  

We even have Math Dice you can trot out if you have a one of those ever-popular arithmetic-themed summer get-togethers—or if the party’s gone on too long and you just want folks to make a beeline for the door.

They say July is one of the best times to lose weight in the Northern Hemisphere because the long hours of sunlight are an appetite suppressant, mood elevator, and activity-inducer. They say you can shed a few pounds at this time of year.

We say have another pickle potato chip and some Expanding Pants and Shirt Buttons.

Why Vidler's?

We’ve been in the market since 1930, so we know how to help you make your summer fun.  

Vidler's is located on Main Street in East Aurora. We look forward to providing you the best of goods and services. As the largest 5&10 in the world, we have your back no matter what you want or plan.

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