Questions, Questions, Questions. It Must Be Back-to-School Time Again.

October 19, 2022
Written by
Don Vidler
back to school

Kids not looking forward to going back to school?

You could cheer them up by pointing out how much better they have it than the youngsters at Nightmute High School in Anchorage, Alaska, where the restrooms are said to be haunted by a toilet-flushing ghost loosed from a grave discovered under Room 106.

Or you could just buy them Elvis Presley lunchboxes.  

Our old-style tin Elvis lunchbox is just one of the school-supplies we have at Vidler’s, so if you haven’t outfitted your children with everything they need for another learning season, come on in and look around.

We have just about everything: paper, pens, binders, folders, and—in the true spirit of our store—a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. Need foam board? You also can get that here. Poster board? Yup. Play Doh? Weaving loops. Yup. Yup.  

We even have flash cards and pocket calculators, kids crafts and coloring books, and jigsaw puzzle after jigsaw puzzle—an entire wall full of them. And we have organizational folders, spiral notebook paper, and other cheap classroom supplies.  

That includes, of course, the almost spiritually simple pink-gum eraser, that stalwart pencil-box mainstay that now finds itself on the brink of extinction because kids are writing with pens. I know, right?

But if you’re willing to, um, think outside the pencil box, you might consider snapping up one of our copies of the book “Potato Chip Science” and casually carrying it around with your textbooks. Wouldn’t your child’s teachers be impressed?

Or you could buy our “You Gotta Know Buffalo” trivia game so your kid will have hundreds of ways to throw a class discussion of the rails if called on to answer a hard question. After all, how better to answer a question for which you have no good answer than by asking a question of your own in response?

Can you tell me the square root of 144?

Can you tell me what suburban motor-sports venue opened as a half-mile dirt oval in 1959?

Called on a second time, with a different question, well--you could always ask why a ghost would need to use the restroom.

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