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May 15, 2023
Written by
Don Vidler
large loaf pan

Okay, we admit it. If you think of Vidler’s as a purveyor of the funny, the weird, and, yes, even the downright inexplicable, you’re not wrong. (Take a bow, Yodeling Pickle.)

Just remember, though: We sell plenty of essential household items, too – everyday things you need to keep your home and life running smoothly.  

For example, we have:


  • blue-and-white speckled enamelware, including roasting pans, stockpots, and oven roasters’
  • all kinds of spatulas, mixing spoons, and scrapers;
  • Mexican vanilla, which is very high quality, loved by bakers, and – customers tell us – priced less than that offered on Amazon;
  • various sizes of pie pans and pie shields;
  • tea kettles;
  • flour sifters;  
  • a large selection of Lodge cast iron;
  • Rome pie irons and campfire-cooking utensils;
  • a huge – and year-round – selection of cookie cutters;
  • meat and candy thermometers; and
  • Handy Aid jar-lid removers. These are the best!  


  • sewing needles and thread;
  • embroidery floss;
  • acrylic craft paints;  
  • cleaning polishes and supplies;  
  • lamp supplies to repair your own harp, mantles, switches, glass shades, and chimneys; and
  • picture- and plate-hangers, hooks, and wire.

Garden supplies and accessories

  • glass wasp traps;
  • rain gauges;  
  • and pot saucers.

School and office supplies

  • magnifying glasses;
  • blue coin-collecting books;
  • coin rolls;
  • raffle-ticket rolls or sheets;
  • legal-size paper and pads;  
  • craft paper;  
  • flash cards;  
  • number-two pencils;  
  • flash cards;  
  • a huge selection of jigsaw puzzles;  
  • sealing wax and brass stamps; and
  • address and password books.

Miscellaneous novelties and notions

  • bamboo (and many other types of) back scratchers
  • hair nets;  
  • bingo dabbers and chips;  
  • shaving soap;
  • curlers;  
  • American- and New York State-made soaps;
  • vinyl change-holders like the one your grandpa had;
  • musical-instrument ornaments;
  • paper masks; and
  • standard taper candles.

We even have products that are a cross between the essential and the whimsical. Such as, well – bacon bandages.

How is it that Vidler’s seems to have just about everything?

Simple: It’s been our mission all along to be your everything store.

Today, our mission remains the same: to offer a wide variety of goods, at low prices, under a single roof – all with a human touch worth way more than even the oldest nickel or dime.

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