Dear Mom: Happy Mother’s Day From Vidler’s!

May 10, 2021
Written by
Don Vidler
Mothers Day

One day each year is set aside to honor all the mothers of the world - but how do we properly celebrate the woman who gave of her own body to create and give birth to our existence and who continues to give without expectation of return?

Can we challenge ourselves to take this day to consider all the ways mothers make the world go ‘round?

This Mother’s Day, we invite you to consider honoring all kinds of mothers - from the one who actually gave birth to you to those who have stepped up and done the work that only a mother can do. For many of us, our earthly mother nourished us from her body while we were growing inside her and she continued to do so with us outside her body until we were able to consume more than just milk.

She clothed and cleaned us, taught us to communicate and to persevere, gave us a sense of worth and accomplishment. Our mother helps us to know we are loved and deserving of love, no matter what. Her heart opens to us unconditionally and once a woman has become a mother, she is forever changed into the generous, selfless, fiercely protective force of nature that makes sure the world will continue through her children.

Generations of Mothers

Some of us are blessed to still have the matriarchs of our families present with us - mom, grandma, even great-grandmothers! If you have them around, please take the time to cherish them and let them know just how much you appreciate all they have done and made possible for you.  

Now is the perfect time to make special memories and capture them - maybe you’d love to ask her to tell her story and record it in a special way so that your future generations will know more about their ancestors. If they are no longer around, there are many ways to honor those who have passed that still hold a dear place in our hearts.  If you know their story, then retelling and sharing memories is a great way to keep them alive in your heart and life. 

Even if you don’t know anything about the woman who gave birth to you, this is a powerful opportunity to be creative and give thanks for the life that was given through her willingness to help the human race continue. If you were blessed to have alternative maternal influences, we also honor your adoptive mother(s), spirit mom, auntie, step-mother, co-parent, and other female community members who helped nurture your spirit and growth.

Mother Earth

Another mother that feels especially important to note this year is the Earth! Mother Earth, as people from many cultures like to call her, is the mother of all mothers. She is the physical source from which all life emerges, and she could use our help.  Even though the Earth has her own day to be honored, what if we decided to plant flowers or trees in honor of our mothers?

This could be an excellent opportunity to create beauty all around us while celebrating the moms of our lives. Planting flowers directly supports the bees and other pollinators who keep the planet alive and thriving, and planting trees will eventually increase oxygen levels, create shade and cool places, and support wildlife networks - just to name a few of the many benefits.

Celebrate Mother’s Day With Vidler’s

Only you really know how best to celebrate the moms in your life - and here at Vidler’s we have a huge variety of items available to help you tell her just how much you love and appreciate her.  Whatever your idea is, we are sure to have something in store for you. Come on down with your mom or without - and we would love to help you find what you’re looking for to make this (and every) occasion special.

PS. If you are a mom and you’re reading this, please enjoy this poem written and dedicated especially to you - or feel free to share with someone who will love it! 

Ode to Mothers

by Aeiya Joy

A wonderful thing about mothers

is that they know us better than any others.

They nurture us from a tiny seed

and help us get all the things we need.

A mother’s heart just grows and grows

because she holds us in both triumphs and woes.

She corrects us when we’re being bad

and cheers us up when we’re feeling sad.

She nourishes and teaches us all the things,

then bandages and kisses our bruises and stings.

Her patience and tender devotion

creates space for expansion and forward motion.

Eventually, she must let us fly

out of the nest and her watchful eye,

but her love for us will always remain

throughout days and years of sun and rain.

Every time we call, she’s always there - 

no matter when, who, what or where.

Her fierceness and loyalty to the cause

of our success is worth a pause.

Our hope is to be the best we can be

so that whether or not our mother can see,

we honor her gifts and memory

by living a life of harmony.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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