Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021 with Vidler’s

September 13, 2021
Written by
Don Vidler
voodoo unicorn

Roses are Red

Lilies are White

This year there’s a quarantine, so

Stay HOME for date night!

Lilacs are Purple

Dandelions are Yellow

Since I’m alone this year,

My night will be mellow!

Valentine’s Day is one of those classic holidays that you love to celebrate - when you have someone you love to celebrate with. Otherwise, especially in a closed-in time like this current pandemic world, it can be an unwelcome reminder of how much we’d rather not be stuck at home alone.

This year, whether you’re alone or you have a beloved Valentine, it’s the perfect opportunity to come to Vidler’s and celebrate all that life and love has to offer! We have gift options for every kind of love on your list - whether that’s another human, a pet, or simply yourself.

Vidler’s Valentine’s Day Gift List 2021

sassy socks
  1.  Sassy Socks!

We don’t think we need to explain why fun socks make great gifts for any occasion ever, but we’ll give it a shot, anyway: Moms everywhere unite for a chorus of “no shoes in the house and DEFINITELY not on the couch!” So whether you’re planning a solo date, friend/family date, or a romantic night in, you can happily leave your shoes by the door, get cozy, and let your feet start the conversation for a change.

watchover voodoo toy

watchover voodoo toy
  1. Voodoo Dolls

Did you know we carry Voodoo dolls? No scary/evil pin-sticking, here. These sweet little Watchover dolls come in a wide variety of options representing many different kinds of love and relationships to celebrate. Find them by the dreamcatchers!

valentines day cards
  1. Cards

Need a special card to send to your favorite uncle, nibling, or grandma? We have Valentine’s Day themed cards for every person in your life. We even have cards with glittery pop-up pictures and old-school will-you-be-my-Valentine’s boxes.

candy and chocolates

  1. Candy & Chocolates

Pair with a carefully selected arrangement of faux flowers for the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift, Vidler’s style. Everyone loves candy! We have an entire corner dedicated to candies and chocolates. Our confection counter is covered in jars of bulk chocolates of all kinds, so you can make your own assortment. Choose one or all of your favorites (er, I mean, your VALENTINE’s favorites, of course!) And if bulk is not your style, look around on the shelves - we carry all of your nostalgic nibbles. You had me at Sugar Daddy...

cupcake papers
vidlers scone and monkey bread mix
  1. Home-Made 

Turn your kitchen into Cupid’s Corner and make tasty treats for everyone you love! At Vidler’s we stock all of your custom Valentine’s Day baking needs. From baking tools and supplies, easy-to-make baking mixes, cookie cutters, cupcake liners and pans, decorative boxes, to sprinkles - you’re sure to discover something delicious to create. Aren’t home-made Valentines the best, anyways?

wax candles
  1. A little more romantic...

Whether you want to go “all-out” for yourself or your beloved companion, we have everything you need to make a special day. Heck, here at Vidler’s we declare the whole month of February to be the Month of Love - so no need to stop with February 14th! We have a wall of candles, bubble baths and fragrances, incense, scented soaps and oil diffusers, a jewelry corner, picture frames, scrapbook supplies, and all of your crafty needs and wants. Feel free to get creative!  We even have TWO versions of ‘Twister’...

Find What You Love At Vidler’s

Here at Vidler’s, we celebrate gift-giving for all occasions. This month, we are all decked out for the Love-fest and we have associates standing by to help you find everything you’re looking for.

As always, we have what you want and more at Vidler’s 5&10 store. As The Reading Rainbow’s Lavar Burton says, “You don’t have to take my word for it!” Come on down and discover the hidden treasures that exist in the largest variety store in the world!

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