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September 13, 2021
Written by
Don Vidler
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It’s that spring time of year when bunnies are multiplying and green shoots are bursting forth, celebrating the return of the sun. Soon, we will see the tulips, daffodils and hyacinths and a light-filled holiday. Did you know that Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the spring Equinox every year? In case you ever why it lands on a different date each year - it’s known by the church as a “moveable feast.”

Easter is a religious tradition that has pagan roots though was adopted by Christianity to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. Easter baskets could be filled with marshmallow bunnies and colored eggs symbolizing fertility as well as chocolate crosses to represent the resurrection. Whatever your reason to celebrate, we have everything you need to make this occasion a special one.

Ukrainian eggs wooden

Support Local Artistry

Every year we celebrate Vidler’s Easter traditions by sharing a customer favorite - Pysanky eggs - hand painted by our very own Vidlerette, Janine! Pysanky is a Ukranian egg decorating tradition made by using a wax batik method to create beautiful, intricate designs similar to those on traditional Ukranian clothing.

These designs are hand-scribed in wax to retain the color (whatever you draw in wax when the shell is white remains white - then you dye the egg yellow and draw again. Those drawings will remain yellow - then you dye the egg red and start again). The dye is a special wax resistant paint that is also used to batik fabrics. 

It’s a really interesting and beautiful process to watch - check out this youtube video to see them made by a very experienced professional. Watching her hands move certainly makes me want to learn how to do it myself while appreciating how much practice it must have taken to get those lines so perfect! 

If you’re itching to try your hand at it this year, pick up the supplies in our store and then check out this tutorial and historical overview.

ornamental egg cakelet pan
blue and yellow decorative molds
decorating Ukrainian Easter eggs

How Do You Like Your Easter Eggs?

Express your creativity with the classic tradition of all things eggs. A really simple, creative and colorful way to celebrate Easter is to decorate eggs. To make this easy, we have kits of all kinds, from stickers to dye kits - we even have all the things you need to make your own Pysanky eggs! Make sure you take photos and share them with us.

Also in stock, we have baking molds in many fun Easter shapes - bunnies, eggs, flowers, crosses - for cake-ing, baking and making chocolates. We even have Spring and Easter-themed cupcake liners and cookie cutters. For all your delicious endeavors, we’ve got you covered.

Dye ‘em, bake ‘em, or mold ‘em out of chocolate - however you like to make your Easter eggs, you can be sure to find what you need among our many aisles.

peeps hard candy
baskets inside vidlers

easter grass
Easter pez dispenser

Easter Basket Supplies

How will you design your Easter baskets this year? 

Here at Vidler’s we have all the supplies you need to make any kind of basket your heart desires, from the baskets and grass to the filling! Whether you decide to fill them with bunny ears and decorated eggs, old-fashioned candy and beautiful trinkets, or locally made Henry’s chocolates in all of your favorite Easter shapes alongside home-made cookies, we have something for every age and budget.

Easter chocolate lamb
Easter chocolate lamb

Easter milk chocolate orange bunny
Chocolate iphone

Easter chocolates from Henry’s Candy & Gifts in Alden, NY.
Milk, white, and orange chocolates
in all the traditional shapes - including bunnies, lambs, and iPhones.

Easter baskets have a long history and tradition, even though they’ve changed a bit over the years. See what easter baskets have looked like over the last 100 years.

And if you’d like some ideas for how to make your baskets extra special this year, check this out!

ukranian egg
bunny jack in the box

chicken and lamb decorations Easter
Easter decorations

Easter Mementos & Décor

Whether you’re celebrating Easter or you just want to commemorate the return of the sun in 2021, we have all things spring in store! From the tchotchkes you’ll want to gift your grandma to add to her bunny collection, and themed salt & pepper shakers and egg cups for your Easter brunch table, to socks, bunny ears, little trinkets and toys for baskets - we certainly have it all.

Commemorate the occasion with our ornaments or even create your own moments to remember by getting crafty. If we’ve learned anything from this pandemic craze, it’s to celebrate now and find ways to make everything a little bit more special.

Spring Into Vidler’s This Easter

We’ve got you covered here at Vidler’s - not just for Easter and the Spring awakening, but for every occasion and just because. You’ll never know all that we hide on our shelves until you stop by and hunt for the treasures. And, you can always ask a store associate to help you find what you’re looking for in our enormous 5&10 store. We are delighted to help make your holidays magical and bright! See you soon.

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