A Poem From Intuit

September 9, 2019
Written by
Don Vidler
vidlers drawing

We received this poem from Intuit as the runner up prize to the 'Small Business Big Game' super bowl contest last year, thought we would post it up.

The Poem

Vidlers Poem

The poem text:

High up in New York, way out Buffalo way,
Lies a store full of trinkets, or so people say,
It's a legend, a landmark, a shop for all seasons,
It's got what you're seeking, whatever your reasons!

Find your novelties, oddities and day-to-day needs,
Like back scratchers, socks or a hoe for your weeds!
A craft nook and candies, from ceiling to ground,
Get fabrics and decor! Plus, Christmas year-round!

The popcorn's a dime believe it or not,
And a ride on old Sandy's just ten cents a trot.
Cruise through the aisles, you'll be happy you did,
When you find that sweet something and feel like a kid.

And ask lots of questions, the staff are kind folks,
Quick with a pointer, a tip or some jokes.
They've been selling nostalgia for three generations,
Take a trip down to Vidler's, it exceeds expectations.

You can also check out our entry to the contest right here!


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