7 Best Selling Gifts For Kids

December 10, 2020
Written by
Don Vidler
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“What on earth should I get them?!”

This question is seldom easy to answer, especially when it comes to getting gifts for kids. We all know that one kid who is pick–um “particular” about what they receive as a gift. As a well-known five & dime store that carries a vast range of trinkets, toys and more, let’s just say that we know a thing or two about gift ideas for children.

Whether you’re just beginning to form some great gift giving ideas, or are one step closer to getting that gift card in the grocery check-out aisle, take a look at some of the best selling gifts (and more) we are sure boy and girls will love:   

Whoopee Cushions

Whoopee Cushion

It’s the prank that never goes out of style! Kids find enormous amounts of humor in moments we adults find embarrassing.The whoopiee cushion is no exception! There is much fun to be had with the facade of flatulence, and we’re sure that no dinner table will ever be the same again after getting them this timeless gift!      

Aaron’s Magic Thinking Putty

Aaron’s Magic Thinking Putty

This safe silicone-based, non-toxic product never dries out, which makes for an unlimited amount of fun for hours! Kids absolutely love being able to create goofy, wacky shapes and have a hard time putting it down. Aaron’s Magic Thinking Putty serves as a great Birthday gift for that kid who loves to test their limit of creativity

Novelty Hats

furry hat

Our novelty hats allow kids to be, well, whatever they want! If they want to be a pizza, chicken, moose or a hamburger, our novelty items are great for those imaginative kids in your life! If you’re a parent novelty hats are a great way to keep a cool head, knowing that theirs are covered!

Slime Kits

Made very popular by Nickelodeon in the 90’s, slime has very quickly made its way into the hands (hair and clothes) of kids all over the world. This best selling gift is great for turning a rainy afternoon into wonderful opportunity to literally mix fun and learning!

Money Soap

Kids learn from an early age that it’s all about the money. What better way to show them financial responsibility and personal hygiene than with Money Soap! Each time they wash their hands, they get closer to a real bill within the bar of soap. With Money Soap, never again worry about getting hands washed for lunch and dinner!

Mini Unicorn Wishes Jar

When we were kids, some of us wished upon a star, while others blew out candles once a year. The Mini Unicorn Wishes jar is perfect for kids who believe that their deepest wishes can come true with a few sparkly specks of help. This item also makes for the perfect party favor or goodie bag!

Happy Mat™

happy mat

Know someone who could use an easy, fun way to feed their babies? Get them a Happy Mat™! This silicone-based product is the perfect way to keep messes at a minimum, while keeping your little one happy and entertained! Make meals fun for the child–and easy for the parent by giving them this best selling gift!

There you have it– Vidler’s best selling gifts for that special child in your life.

P.S. If you believe that these items may not serve as the perfect kids Birthday gift or Christmas present, we have tons of other fun gifts for kids including:

  • “World’s Smallest” line of toys including yo-yo, Hot Wheels & Gumby
  • Small, glass animal figurines
  • Boondoggle
  • Stuffed animals: Narwhal, unicorn, sloth, alpaca, and monkeys
  • And much, much more!
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