6 Quintessential Spring Critters at Vidler’s

August 25, 2022
Written by
Don Vidler
spring critter

Buds begin appearing on the branches of trees and bushes. Tiny flowers start to peek their heads up through garden beds sprinkling the ground with colors we haven’t seen in months.

The days grow brighter, little by little, and all the beautiful critters of springtime come out to play. Some of the tell-tale signs of Spring come in the sightings of springtime wildlife.

Here at Vidler’s, we like to celebrate the emergence of Spring with our collection of springtime fauna!
Help us admire our top 6 favorite seasonal critters:

1. The Robin: Sweet Signals of Springtime

As the saying goes, “Robins are the first signs of spring!” They seem to reappear just as the snow begins to melt, and often before much else has even started to change. Funnily enough, that saying is a bit misleading

Did you know that while many birds migrate to warmer climates for the winter, the North American robin is adaptable and doesn’t need to fly south to avoid the cold? Instead, they retreat to the wooded areas and forests to find shelter from the elements and travel in large flocks when searching for food.

Robins may migrate minimally depending on food supply but can live year-round in any part of the continental US and southern Canada. (We Buffalonians understand!)

Even if they don’t fly South for the winter, the reappearance of robins in our neighborhood trees and parks is such a noticeable contrast from their more hidden winter behavior. Without needing to make a major migratory trip back home, it makes sense they would be the first sign of spring!


wooden robbins vidlers

[ALT Text: 2 colorful robin figurines stand on a shelf with garden supplies.]

At Vidler’s, we celebrate the robin's re-emergence into society with adorably
expressive, decorative robins. Their wood-whittled appearance and bright-colored
floral wings are a great addition to any Spring display - inside your home or out in the

2. The HoneyBee: Everything Is Gonna Bee All Right

Although the appearance of the black and yellow bumblers that buzz around our yards and gardens may call to mind that painful bee sting from childhood (or last summer?), bees are essential to our ecosystem and an iconic representation of springtime!

They are responsible for pollinating about one-third of our food supply, including fruits, nuts, vegetables, flowers, and trees of all kinds. Not to mention all the delicious honey they make! 

hunny bee garden piece

[ALT Tex: 3 jolly bee figurines miming the classic “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” poses.]

Spring is the busiest season for honey bees. As soon as flowers begin to bloom and produce pollen, the bees are off to work. After spending the winter in their hives, bees get busy finding and collecting food, expanding the hives, creating new colonies, and preparing for another season of pollination and honey creation! 

We love to celebrate the honey bee here at Vidler’s because they play such an important role in our ecosystem and keep spring blossoms blooming! And the Vidler’s bees are just so cute. We have a wide array of bee-themed goodies ranging from coasters to pins, magnets to mugs, decorative plates, signs, cups, plates, lawn ornaments and so much more!

honey bee accessories for garden

[ALT Text: A table covered in an assortment of various bee-themed products.]

Find all your honey bee-themed tchotchkes, knick-knacks, ornaments, décor,
and more at Vidler’s!

3. Bunnies: Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

While the bunnies outdoors are “multiplying like rabbits” this time of year, Vidler’s bunny collection has grown within our wall as well! Whether you want to include them in your annual Easter decorations or simply love their cute faces and adorable cottontails, here at Vidler’s, we have plenty of bunny-themed décor to choose from!

bunnies hopping down

[ALT Text: A group of pastel bunny Peep figurines on a table.]

These fuzzy bunny trinkets look just like decorative peeps for your shelves, mantles,
and Easter baskets. Plus, they come in bright Spring colors, just like the marshmallow

bunnies holding egg in cup

[ALT Text: Ceramic figurines of rabbits holding large eggs while sitting inside teacups on saucers.]

We love our Easter Bunny teacup sets. Though not ideal for sipping tea, these cuties are
reminiscent of the teacup rides at the fair! These little bunnies are sure to make you
smile as they sit pretty in their floral cups, holding decorative easter eggs or peering over
the edge of their cup.

4. Mice: Precious or Pest?

These tiny rodents are often considered pests when we find them unintentionally living in our homes and snacking on our food. However, some cultures regard mice positively as clever, nimble creatures capable of much regardless of their size.

Or perhaps they serve as a message that it’s time to do some Spring cleaning!

Like most critters, mice multiply in the springtime. So while you may see them inside more often in the winter months, they become ever more abundant in the Spring!

[ALT Text: Felt mice wearing patterned overalls hang on a strand of silver garland.]

mice decorations

mice decorations

Although mice tend to provoke mixed feelings when we encounter them in the real world, they can be awfully adorable when dressed up just right. Not to mention all the cute stories that feature delightful little mice like Stuart Little, Chrysanthemum, and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!

At Vidler’s, we love our Spring collection of adorable, respectable, and fashionable needle felted mice dressed in stylish outfits! We’re sure they each have a different story to tell, if you just ask them.

5. Kittens: Curious Cuties

While cats can be sweet companions year-round, kittens are typically the blessings of springtime as well. Since most cats go into heat around the start of the year, come April, the shelters are often overflowing with tiny baby cats.

If you can’t take home a new furry friend for real, you can at least acquire a sweet kitten trinket this Spring. These adorable purring babes are even more Spring-festive in their decorative bows, bunny ears, headbands, and collars.

It doesn’t get much cuter than this!

cat glass figures for garden

[ALT Text: Playful kitten figurines wearing a variety of spring headbands and collars with flowers or bunny ears.]

6. Chicks: Chirping It Up

Last but not least on the list of springtime critters are spring chicks! Spring blossoms, colorful eggs, and fluffy yellow chicks go hand-in-hand as far as we’re concerned. According to chicken experts, springtime is the best time to raise strong, healthy chicks as the temperatures support their natural growth cycle, and the abundance of greens and insects outside for food is perfect for little chicks to feed on! 

At Vidler’s, we certainly appreciate the presence of baby chicks. Their bright fluffy feathers and the sweet tiny peeps they make feel like the epitome of spring. Our collection of spring chick trinkets and baubles are nearly just as cute as the real things and range in style from stuffed animals to fluffy decorative chicks wearing seasonal bunny ears!

chick spring yard toy


Spot Your Favorite Spring Critters at Vidler’s!

Did we miss any essential spring animals? Visit us and let us know! We’d love to hear all about your favorite springtime critters - maybe we even have a cute tchotchke or trinket to match.

We’re so excited to SPRING forward into this season of buds, showers, baby animals, and new beginnings - and our shelves are filled with goodies to prove it. At Vidler’s, our friendly staff is always willing to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. We offer a truly unique shopping experience at the world’s largest 5&10.

We’ll see you soon!

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