6 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

January 2, 2020
Written by
Don Vidler
Common cooking utensils

You just finished watching your favorite cooking show with a burning passion to create a delicious masterpiece second only to Bobby Flay’s legendary culinary skills. You set some time aside the following day to achieve this wondrous feat by going to your local grocer. There, you overcome obstacles including crowded grocery aisles, long checkout lines, and inconvenient parking spaces. Upon arriving home, you can’t help but feel like you forgot one key thing to complete that mouth-watering dish.

Call it a hunch, but we think it may be one of these 6 kitchen must-haves:

Ravioli Maker:

Ravioli Maker

Making delicious ravioli from scratch can be a tricky process, but not with our Ravioli Maker!  This easy to use item is made of aluminum and has a stainless steel blade which easily makes 12 perfect ravioli at a time! Now you can tric–uh, tell friends, family and loved ones that you’re a Ravioli making master!

Vintage Glass Butter Churn:

Vintage Glass Butter Churn

This must have kitchen item guarantees, fresh, homemade butter in as little as 10 minutes. Best of all, the Vintage Glass Butter Churn comes with delicious recipes!

Whirley Corn Pop 3-Minute Popper:

Whirley Corn Pop 3-Minute Popper

If you’re not necessarily a fan of the big, bad microwave and want a fresh, healthy serving size of popcorn, this is the perfect must-have kitchen item for you! Simply measure out the popcorn and oil, twist the handle of the popper and enjoy in as little as 3 minutes. Hey, maybe you can use one or all of these fun recipes!

Cupcake Carton:

Cupcake Carton

Some must have kitchen tools can’t help but be cute, and the Cupcake Carton is no exception! This item is just the easiest way to transport your cupcakes anywhere in style.  Made from food-safe plastic and with 2 easy windows for easy viewing (and drooling), the Cupcake Carton is perfect for showing off your beautifully baked creations!

Alder or Cedar Grilling Planks:

Alder or Cedar Grilling Planks:

There’s nothing quite like a dish prepared on a grilling plank! Our Alder & Cedar Grilling planks cook your favorite fish and meat, nice and slow to encourage maximum juiciness. Each package comes with two planks, so you can use one for different types of food! Never used a grilling plank before? Check this out!

Apple Machine:

Apple Machine

The Apple Machine is a triple threat in that it slices, peels and cores with ease! What’s even more special about this must have kitchen item is that you can still peel your apples without coring and slicing! Unlike similar complicated apple peeling items, the Apple Machine is built with suction cups that easily adhere to dry countertops and porous surfaces.

Naysayers would disagree, but we believe that any time spent in the kitchen should be fun, exciting, and easy.

Vidler’s has a plethora of must-have kitchen tools which we know will bring forth meaningful, tasty experiences for you and your loved ones for years to come!

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