5 Tips for a Valentine’s Day First Date

March 13, 2024
Written by
Don Vidler
sock monkey at vidlers

More than half of respondents in a recent survey admitted they’d go on a first date on Valentine’s Day.

If you’re among the untold number of brave people planning to go on a first date this Valentine’s Day, we here at Vidler’s 5 & 10 have some helpful tips on where to go and what to do.  

Let’s narrow down that first one to where to go in East Aurora. Our charming little town is a wonderful place to go on a date, and here are just a few of the many reasons why:

42 North Brewing Company

Rich in history and handcrafted brews, this fine establishment is a great place to get to know someone while enjoying a tasty beverage. And there’s always something going on, such as live entertainment.

The Healthy Zone Rink

The Healthy Zone Rink is the perfect, um, icebreaker. And skating is in season until March.  

Knox Farm State Park

Give Knox Farm State Park a try. Hike its woods and meadows. Ride a horse. Ski. Or just watch the canines cavorting in the dog park.

Vidler’s 5 & 10

Our store is always a great place for breaking the ice with someone, especially when it’s paired with another destination. Going to Knox Farm State Park? You’ll find snacks at Vidler’s that will hold you over till dinner at 42 North Brewing Company. Vidler’s always has what you need, even if all you need is a place to wander slowly through with your date, marveling together at Sock Monkey or the Yodeling Pickle and our many other unique attractions!

Not sure what to say or how to say it while on your first-time date? We have tips on that, too!  

  1. Don’t do all your talking through a puppet, even if you’re feeling extra shy and your puppet is Sock Monkey. A widely accepted rule of thumb is to limit puppet-speak to half the time on a first date. You can go a little over that if Sock Monkey's your spokespuppet, but not much.
  1. Share something personal about yourself, such as your deepest fear. Unless your deepest fear is being abducted by space aliens. In which case maybe you should let Sock Monkey do all the talking.
  1. Pay your date a compliment. Unless the best thing you can think of is, “You’re something else.” In which case, see Number 2.  
  1. Ask your date for a favor. (We got this tip from thelist.com, which offers the rather odd example, “Could you grab me a straw?” Better that, we suppose, than “Could you change my Band-Aid?” But really? That the best you got, guys?)    

And finally:

  1. If there’s ever a lull in the conversation, just ask yourself: “What would Sock Monkey do?”  
don vidlers monkey

Although we have to say that might be a moot point; Sock Monkey would never do anything as ill-advised as going on a first date on Valentine’s Day.

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