20 Unique Stocking Stuffers You Can Pick Up Today At Vidler’s

August 15, 2023
Written by
Don Vidler
Burger ordiment

The holidays are upon us. 

It’s time for merry-making and holiday festivities. 

It’s also time for stocking stuffers! 

Here’s the problem, though. Most stores don’t have the kinds of toys and gifts you want to stuff stockings with. There’s no variety, and they all carry the same 20 options. 

Plus… you may not even know what you’re looking for! 

Well, we’ve got you covered. 

Vidler’s is the stocking-stuffer capital of the world. (Did we give ourselves that name? Maybe. Is it true? Indubitably.)

We have all kinds of options; from little novelty gifts, to silly little trinkets, to yo-yos, to Silly Putty, to ornaments, to stuff you didn’t even know existed! 

In other words, all the types of things that people love to find in their stockings on a Buffalo white Christmas morning.

But in all seriousness… come on in, and find all of your small gift options and stocking stuffers in one place, especially if you’re not sure what to buy. 

Shopping has never been this fun. And it’s so much better than boring ‘online’ shopping!  

Tap into that holiday cheer, and grab some ‘gag gifts’ for your dad while you’re here. 

Here’s just a small sampling of the kinds of ‘stocking-stuffing’ options you can find at Vidler’s. 

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Light Set

1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Light Set

We get calls all holiday season about lights. We carry quite a large selection… including this ‘themed’ set styled after the famous National Lampoon’s movie!  

cedar roma

2. Cedar Roma Chips

These cool little bags of wood chips can have little holes punched in them to fill your space with the savory smell of cedar! 

It is the most wonderful time of the year, after all. Make your blanket chest, closet, or cupboards smell the part! 

Cobane Bird Ornaments

3. Cobane Bird Ornaments

The artist who creates these ornaments specializes in high-end bird ornaments. They come in a wide array of different styles, and combine hints of realism with glittery gold and silver. 

My favorite thing about these ornaments is the detailed expressions on the little birds’ faces. They look so real! It’s almost like they take on a life of their own. 

Burger Ornaments

4. Burger Ornaments

These burger ornaments are equal parts ‘bedazzling’ and ‘delicious.’ (Note: They’re non-edible, just in case you were tempted to take a bite. The glittery sheen probably gave that away, though.)

All joking aside though… they’re the perfect gift for the burger-loving uncle who ‘has everything.’ 

5. Gross Flavored Candy Canes

Call yourself a candy-cane lover?

How about licking a savory ketchup-flavored candy-cane?

Tired of your loud cousins? Reward them for their rowdy behavior with a candy cane that tastes like mac ‘n cheese. 

Looking for something a bit more ‘in Vogue?’ Krampus Candy Canes are all the rage nowadays, especially in Austria and Germany (we hear that Krampus likes it over there).

6. Stuffed Animals

If you’ve got some stuffed-animal lovers in your family, we’ve got a pretty big display. Bears, zebras, flamingoes, buffalos (buffalo?)… we’ve got ‘em all! 

Classic Games at vidlers

7. Classic Games

Remember Paddle Ball? We’ve got it.
Remember Rail Twirlers? Got ‘em. 

Enjoy Jump Rope? Yo-Yos?  

We’ve even got some Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Grab some ‘Flarp’ Noise Putty to go along with it! Boom! (Or Fllaaarrp… whatever. It’s fun.)

8. Crazy Aaron’s Smiling Sloth Thinking Putty

We don’t actually know what this is, exactly. But it looks cool, feels cool to squish while having a relaxing think, and it’s one heck of a stocking stuffer! 

Specialty Sodas

9. Specialty Sodas

We carry a range of cool and eclectic soda drinks. Those are going fast, though. Hurry up and grab ‘em while they’re still in stock. 

10. Electronic Yodelling Pickle 

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A Yodelling pickle. Good luck finding this at your local outlet store! 

Grab a ‘Pickle Finger’ to go along with it. Nothing special… just a pickle cover that you can wear over your finger, to make your finger look like a pickle. 

(Even if you wanted to shop online, you couldn’t find this kind of random/awesome stuff on a website unprovoked. Come on…)

11. Bacon Flavored Lip Balm

Do you like bacon? Do you enjoy moist lips? 

In a perfect world, would your lips always taste like bacon?

Or better yet… do you have a loved one with lips you wish tasted more like bacon?

Well, we’ve got you covered. 

(Oh, we carry ‘Bacon Soap’ as well for that all-over bacon-y fresh freel.) 

12. Vintage Action Figures

We’ve got Superman, Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, Green Lantern, and more. 

Dirty/Clean Dishwasher Magnets

13. Dirty/Clean Dishwasher Magnets

These are really popular. They’re just dishwasher magnets that say ‘dirty’ or ‘clean,’ and you turn them to keep track of whether your dishes are clean or dirty. 

I mean, we go through gobs of these. Mind blown? We don’t know why this decal doesn’t come standard on dishwashers, either. 

Dinosaur Nacho Holders

14. Dinosaur Nacho Holders

That’s right. Devour your chips and dip just like the Jurassic dinosaurs did…we assume. 

15. Orange Peelers

They’re just orange peelers that you can wear like a ring. I mean, we go through lots of these. They’re only 69 cents, and the headache-saving value is priceless. 

16. Handy Aid Jar & Bottle Opener

This will be by far the greatest jar lid remover you’ve ever had. They work really well. We sell tons of these! We even carry a generic version that’s cheaper, and people still buy the real thing. 

salvatores pizza dough mix

17. Local Pizza Fixin’s

Looking for some locally-crafted pizza fixin’s? We carry some made by talented pizza-makers, right here in our own Buffalo, New York land! They’re called Salvatores Specialty Foods. Pizza dough mix, sauce… even an Amish pizza paddle to go along with it! 

mexican vanilla bean paste

18. Real Vanilla

Need some authentic Mexican Vanilla Extract? How about some Mexican Vanilla Bean Paste?

We carry a lot of this stuff for the holidays. It’s popular, delicious, and it’s the real thing. 

19. Candy Molds

Looking to make some holiday candy? We’ve got molds. There are several different varieties. Grab some and surprise the kids (or, you know, yourself) with homemade candy! 

Vienna Snow Globes

20. Vienna Snow Globes

These snow globes are hand-made in Austria. They’re the real deal! The box is even printed in German! How’s that for authenticity?

Talk about a cool stocking stuffer… this one will even impress the serious toy enthusiasts among you! 

Flex Your Santa Game… At Vidler’s, The Stocking-Stuffer Capital Of The World

You never know what you’ll find in Vidler’s 5&10 (or how many times you’ll get lost. When in doubt, look for the Lost Spouse Spot and patiently wait to be collected by your companions.)

So stop by to finish up your last-minute shopping - you’ll have a hard time NOT getting it all done in one place. 

See you soon, and Merry Christmas!

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