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Wine GadgetsWine Gadgets

Don shows off Vidler's unique wine accessories, impressing special guest star, Kevin LoVullo, wine enthusiast and host of the "Spiel the Wine" TV show on WGRZ-TV.

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Cookie CuttersCookie Cutters

Vidler's has a cookie cutter for every holiday and everything to do with that holiday. Well, almost.

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Turkey GadgetsTurkey Gadgets

Don and Cliff urge you to show proper respect for the turkey this Thanksgiving.

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Rome Pie IronsRome Pie Irons

Don presents a hot item in the camping section of the store.

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The Vidler's Rubber SpatulaThe Vidler's Rubber Spatula

Don and Bev show off one of Vidler's bestsellers.

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Essential Gadgets for Eating Corn on the CobEssential Gadgets for Eating Corn on the Cob

Don and Bev bring proudly present the corniest episode yet.

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Reel RoasterReel Roaster

Don is in the camping section of the store to present the ultimate Father's Day gift. At least Cliff seems to like it.

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The Orange PeelerThe Orange Peeler

Don and Cliff are in the housewares section of the store to review the 49 cent Orange Peeler.

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Wooden Toaster TongsWooden Toaster Tongs

Don Vidler offers an important safety tip for toast lovers, but it is apparently too late for Cliff.

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